How To Make Beeswax Candles with Mōksa Organics

Posted: Sep 06 2014

Our most recent "In the Kitchen with mōksa" DIY recipe and collaboration was with CRAFTED Magazine.
What great fun!  Thanks to CRAFTED for having me. So why beeswax?
For much of this year, I've had the privilege to study and observe bee colonies. The more I learn, the more
fascinated I become by their complexity and beauty. While none of our products use beeswax as
an ingredient, beeswax is a medium that I've come to love passionately, and along with it, comes
immense gratitude for these special creatures. 
Honey bees, both wild and domestic perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide.
The majority of human food crops, which supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition, are pollinated by bees.
The global bee population is dying off at an alarming rate and the two main causes are pesticides and habitat loss.
I recently attended a lecture on honey bees hosted by the Sierra Club. The future of honey bees
weighs heavily on my heart, but I walked away feeling both inspired and hopeful. In the future
months, I hope to incorporate more honey bee love and learning into our mission. Please
check out my article and plant some native honey bee plants in your yard!