Medicinal Uses for Lemon Balm

Posted: Sep 23 2014

Lemon balm is much used and much loved herb here in the mōksa kitchen. We use it for products,
we use it in our soaps, we use it for herbal tea, we use it for herbal salves and homemade remedies for the kids,
we use it for headaches, we use it for nausea, and we use to to relieve stress.
It has a sophisticated and irresistible sweet scented fragrance and flavor. It is truly a remarkable, beautiful, well rounded herb.
Lemon balm can be harvested anytime during the growing season but are more flavorful before the plants flower.
The leaves retain their beautiful scent even when dried.
Lemon balm's species name, officinalis, indicates that the plant has long been as official herb of apothecaries.
Its genus name, Melissa, derives from melisso-phyllon, a Greek term meaning "bee leaf."
Anyone who has grown lemon balm knows that bees are very attracted to this plant; it hums with bee activity.
(source: Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs)

For the 12 uses of lemon balm, DIY recipes and easy to make remedies in your kitchen, hop on over to one of my favorite blogs:The Nerdy Farm Wife. Jan has several free ebooks available along with recipes and resources for your learning pleasure!

Our organic lemon balm is harvested from our favorite herb and culinary garden here in our hometown. Forage Farm's mission is to be a center for educating and inspiring people to value healthy food, land and community by supporting and sustaining our local food movement. Forage offers A community seed library program; food and gardening related workshops, with a focus on seed saving; educational internships for young adults; after school youth programs; and development of infrastructure for local food systems.