What We're Made Of


Chock full of goodness, our bar soaps are the most popular product line and we work really hard to keep your shower full of lather.   They’re hand made with 100% certified organic ingredients, they’re hand wrapped and hand packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled boxes.  We infuse our plant oils with some amazing flowers and herbs from a local farm here in our home town.  Did we mention how versatile they are?  You can shave with them, lather up, lather down, wash your kids with them, wash the dogs or the farm animals, or just carry them in your pocket (hey, we’ve seen it) for aromatic pleasure.  

Our body butters are intense for a reason.  We don’t add water to our formula, so a wee bit goes a long way for your hydration and aromatic experience.  We use 100% certified organic ingredients and we whip up our batches with herb infused grape seed oil and pure essential oils.  They’re hand made, hand poured and hand packaged in post-consumer resin containers.  Next to our soaps, these beauties don’t stay stocked for long. 

Wash those germs away without sulfates!  Our hand soap formula uses herb infused plant oils that won’t strip or dry out your hands.  We use certified organic ingredients and we keep the glycerin in our formula to bring you extra soft hands.  We don’t like watered down hand soaps, so we bring you our most ultra-concentrated recipe.  They’re packaged in post-consumer resin and we promise they’ll make your kitchen sink and bathroom sink a little more eye catching.  Warning, the lingering aroma will probably get the best of you as you may find yourself rewashing your hands throughout the day.  

These creations are an in house favorite and they bring new meaning to the word “eco-luxe.”  Made with certified organic plant oils and pure essential oils, our body oils nourish your skin without leaving a greasy feeling.  Grape seed oil is high in antioxidants giving your skin a boost of nourishment with healing agents.  We infuse the grape seed oil with organic healing herbs for 6 weeks before we bottle them and package them.  Seriously, there is no better experience for your skin.  After your shower, give yourself this gift:  apply to skin and face, breathe deeply, and dance in the nude.  No need to thank us.  You deserve the best.

Lather up without sulfates!  Our body washes won’t dry or strip your skin.   We use 100% certified organic ingredients and our plants oils are infused with healing herbs and oils.  We don’t like watered down soaps, so never fear, our washes are ultra-concentrated.   Our pure essential oils will bring you aromatic delight and nourish the soul every time you shower.  Warning:  your house guests may take a bottle, thereby creating the “missing case of the body wash”, so be sure to keep an extra bottle in stock.  

They’re handmade, hand poured and hand packed.  We use vegetable based wax and pure essential oils.  With 30+ hours of burn time plus all the benefits of aromatherapy, they’re nothing short of 100% good vibes.