Carbon Offsets


We’re proud to have received our federally recognized certification mark as a carbon neutral company. All of our offsets are used locally to purchase trees for Alachua Conservation Fund.

Our mission is to be an active part of the much needed solutions for a sustainable future. Every bar of soap that we make has this in mind.

Having our certification means so much more to us than just offsetting our emissions. We believe resource efficiency is vital in our efforts to be more sustainable. We strive to reduce the mark that we leave on our planet by finding more suitable ways to exist with our land.

Moksa believes in starting a clean revolution. Our business philosophy includes:

  • waste reduction of raw materials
  • perfecting our soap formulas (understanding the chemistry and molecular process) in order to eliminate end product waste
  • reduction of water usage (our system for clean up entails a 3 part system that uses only a few gallons of water)
  • overall energy reduction (energy efficient appliances, using off peak hours during creation and curing processes)
  • avoiding non renewable resources
  • supporting and purchasing from suppliers with the same business philosophy