• Kashmir Body Wash

Kashmir Body Wash


Description: 12 oz

Pink Grapefruit, Lavender & Ylang-Ylang

Lather up without sulfates!  Our body washes won’t dry or strip your skin.   We use 100% certified organic ingredients and our plants oils are infused with healing herbs and oils.  We don’t like watered down soaps, so never fear, our washes are ultra-concentrated.   Our pure essential oils will bring you aromatic delight and nourish the soul every time you shower.  Warning:  your house guests may take a bottle, thereby creating the “missing case of the body wash”, so be sure to keep an extra bottle in stock.


Saponified 100% food grade coconut, olive, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower, retained glycerin, pure essential oils, & rosemary extract. 


$0.50 of your purchase will be donated to CIFAE
Our mission at Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant (CIFAE) is to identify issues of critical importance to the sustainability of the Asian elephant and indigenous peoples sharing its habitat. We seek to create just, equitable and peaceful conditions in which elephant and human have the resources necessary to thrive. To accomplish this we work through local not-for-profit organizations in SE Asia to restore sustainable agriculture; create community-based conservation programs; develop and support private public partnerships; advocate for just and multiple uses of landscapes, and restore elephants, rhino, tiger, and primates.

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