• Kilimanjaro Cocoa Butter

Kilimanjaro Cocoa Butter


Description: 6 oz.

Rich with Cocoa Butter, this body butter is good enough to eat. 

who:  you.
what: the best body butter ever.
when:  after showering when your skin is damp, but anytime really.
how:  we'll leave that up to you.

For the love of butter:

Use it for dry and cracked skin.
Use it for damaged or parched skin.
Use it as a lip balm before a smooch.
Use it on your feet.
Use it for massage.
Use it for cuticles.
You can even use it on your pregnant belly.


Certified organic shea butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, pure essential oils, & rosemary extract.


We plant a tree every time you buy this body butter.

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